Thursday, September 14, 2017

Go Fund Me

This battle has cost way too much and I have reached the point of either foreclosing on my house or bankruptcy. Neither seem like a good option and both seem like giving up. I'm not ready to give up...

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The latest...and greatest...

It's now August 2016.  I am doing much better since my last few posts...with that said, I have had no actual "medical treatment" since the last posts.

After the last two "medical doctors", did nothing to help me, I have again taken matters into my own hands. The doctors really have left me no choice. They won't help me and then patronize me for the holistic treatments that have saved my life..

So what have I done:

1. I have used a comprehensive enzyme complex that can be purchased on Amazon called Natural Nutra Digestive Enzyme Supplement.

2. I use a silver based nasal spray called ACS.

Silver naturally kills bacteria, fungus etc. You may read articles calling silver "quackary"; however, it works so well that in wound care clinics the bandages are infused with silver due to its antimicrobial properties.

Using silver as a nasal spray has a couple of benefits. It not only goes through my sinuses and nasal passages, it can spread through the interstitial fluid to the maxilla.

ACS Nasal Spray Extra Strength:

3. After I shower in the morning, I use over-the-counter hydrogen peroxide on a Q-tip to clean my ears.

4. Once the peroxide dries, I use another silver gel again on Q-tips in my ears and in my nose. It's called ASAP 365 Silver Gel.

Can this help you too?  I can't answer that, but it is probably less harmful than any mainstream "medical treatment".

In my case, the perpetual lump that I have had in the right upper jaw since about 2008, continues to shrink.

The left upper and lower jaw also seem to be doing better.

The left ear symptoms that I have, I believe are from a pinched nerve in my neck. These symptoms vary depending on what position I sleep in. When I use my cervical traction unit (also purchased on Amazon, the symptoms decrease for a while.

Thanks for reading. Hope that this helps :D

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Enzyme Therapy:

Recently a patient of mine came in telling me about Enzyme Therapy.

This intrigued me, as previously I have been put on liver enzymes (by a holistic provider) for treatment of a gouty, painful issue with my right big toe. I took the enzymes for a few weeks and didn't notice much difference. Due to all of the other supplements that I take, I stopped the liver enzymes.

Several weeks later, I noticed that my toe wasn't hurting any more. I was able to walk and hike over uneven surfaces. The redness around my toe joint had subsided, the lump was smaller (but still present) and my range of motion was pain-free!

I've been taking digestive enzymes for a long time, but despite the problem with my toe had developed. I am convinced now that the liver enzymes were what had relieved me of the toe pain, they just took a while to work and they kept working even after stopping them.

So back on topic, my patient started telling me about enzyme therapy. She recommended that I go to the website  I did and was further intrigued. The information provided on the site is invaluable.

Unfortunately since I have had to fork over $1300 for a CT Scan that the ENT has still not bothered to follow-up on. Oh yeh and then there was Christmas. I don't have the money in my budget to order the urinalysis test. I'll have to wait a couple more weeks.

My patient; however, recommended that I go a head and start on a comprehensive enzyme supplement recommended to her by Lita Lee. I found the supplement on Amazon.

The reviews on the product, speak for it's quality.

I have been using them about 2 weeks, taking 2-3 a day, just before meals. The lump of infected bone that I still have inside my mouth on the upper right is shrinking. I have another lump of bone under my jaw on the left. It also has reduced by at least 30%.  My big toe is further improving. And I have a ganglion cyst on my right wrist that has been there for about 5 years, has shrunk about 50%.

I find this very exciting. It is possible that EVERYTHING that I have been gone through for the last 6 years could have been reversed if I had only been put on a good comprehensive enzyme when I first complained to an oral surgeon about my jaw feeling swollen in the back.

Instead without any x-rays or other diagnostic testing being done, I was told by the oral surgeon, "I don't see anything", completely blown off, allowing for the parasitic infection in my jaw bone to explode to a point that I have now lost 6 perfectly good teeth, had a significant amount of bone from my jaw removed, given up my business and am about $100,000.00 dollars in debt from mostly needless, unhelpful and harmful mainstream medical treatment!!!!!

You see enzymes have the ability to destroy bacteria, parasites, mold, fungus etc etc. Just like when you dump enzymes in your septic system...enzymes eat ...CRAP..and that applies to when they are put in your body to. They have the ability to eat away the bad stuff in the body. That is a very general description, but you should get the idea. And more info is on the website I mentioned above.

Coincidentally, I also have run a crossed another enzyme supplement that is a metabolic enzyme instead of a digestive enzyme. I received my bottle today and am excited about the possible benefits. Metabolic enzymes are taken between meals to help clean up the stuff in the body, that is not supposed to be there.

Enzymes are normally found in our bodies and we literally die without them. By age 27, the body slows down the production of enzymes. We need to restore our enzymes by eating raw foods or taking supplements, but do doctors every tell us this?

For the first time in quite a while, I feel hopeful about a future.

Here is the link for that supplement: There is really good information on this site too! It may appear off topic, but keep scrolling and reading and there is a lot of good information there.

I will let you all know how it goes..

Thanks for reading and may this information help you to have a HAPPY NEW YEAR :D.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Ain't That Grand!

As I put in my last post, I was preparing to finally report all 85 incompetent doctors that I have seen to the AMA and write bad, but true reviews about them when I see on the news a doctor suing a patient because of a bad review. So I google it and find that doctors are not only suing for bad reviews, but for complaints to the AMA.

So basically in America, doctors can treat you badly, belittle your legitimate health problems, make inappropriate referrals, or ignore your complaints which could ultimately lead to death and refer you to counseling instead of for appropriate testing and you as the patient and consumer have no recourse...ain't that grand!!!

The patient I mentioned in the last post, died this week...

Had my letter to his doctor in mid-October not have been ignored, it is possible that he could have lived a few months longer. I believe the infection wiped him out..pure negligence. And the reason that I know that he died, someone overheard the doctor talking to someone in the hallway of the hospital, by name. A big HIPAA violation..I called his wife tonight to offer my condolences and it was confirmed.

All actions there completely inexcusable..

Monday, November 2, 2015


Finally after waiting 3 weeks for the incompetent ENT to order a CT of my temporal bone, the test was ordered and then done. It was done 2 weeks ago, do you think the doctor called me with the results? Of course not. I had to get my results from the hospital's medical records.

Fortunately it was negative. Assuming the radiologist read it correctly and I have little faith in that too.

But really where does that leave me. The left side of my head is still tingling and swollen and I have occasional pain in the left ear. I, the person who never takes anything for pain, have started taking 3-4 ibuprofen every morning, as well as a supplement for lymphatic drainage and vitamin C. It has masked the symptoms well for 2 weeks, but today my head, left ear and left eye is back to tingling. My left eye was watering a lot last night and today. Quite the psychological manifestation. Oh and yeh, now I have $1300.00 that I have to pay for my insurance deductible for the CT scan, plus a $60.00 co-pay for the incompetent ENT and a $30.00 co-pay for the even more incompetent GP.

Tomorrow, I am starting my letter to the American Medical Association to report all of the doctors and dentists that have misdiagnosed me and treated me disrespectfully. I am going to file complaints against every last one of them, as I should have done a long time ago.

These latest two have been the worst.

I have nothing left to lose, I can't get help anyways. It's cost me thousands of dollars to be repeatedly misdiagnosed and treated like shit, gradually chipping away at this problem. It's time for these doctors to be held accountable. I wish I could sue them all for malpractice, but apparently since they haven't completely killed me yet I probably have no case. Although again, I think that I could go after the last two for negligence.

The GP I recently saw also is a primary referrer at the practice that I currently am working at. Due to his negligence, one of our mutual patient's has now been placed on hospice. I can't get into the details, but if he had taken action on 10/13/15 when I notified him about the patient's decline in status and put the patient on antibiotics then, the patient may not be so close to death now. Pure negligence on the doctor's part. It is infuriating! And the patient's wife is still enamored by the incompetent doctor. I don't know how he sleeps at night, unless he's smoking some weed before he goes to bed. He make diagnosis like he is on weed..or crack.

May he lose his license soon!

Thursday, October 1, 2015


Extremely angry, frustrated and can't sleep tonight. I don't know why I thought going to a mainstream doctor would have any benefit. Nothing has changed in 6 years. They are all still idiots!!!

Do they no longer teach differential diagnosis???  Is everything considered a psycho-somatic manifestation of an all mighty and powerful mind???

How dare they blame my symptoms on "facial pain"/insanity....seriously it IS like I am starting the battle all over again and after 6+ years, I have no fight left. And their only reason for this diagnosis is because I broke out in hives talking to them and then eventually tears when I figured out that I am once again wasting my money and talking to myself. I might as well go to a doctor, hand them $100 bucks and say BLAH BLAH BLAH, because that is all they hear!

Well hear this you over educated, but yet uneducated morons!!! I have broken out in hives since at least middle school anytime I get nervous, long before this problem! Perhaps YOU ALL should listen to what I have to say and my hives and tears would go away! Did you ever think of that????

I'm going to start wearing turtle necks to appointments, then they won't be able to see the hives that they cause, so then I won't be crazy right??

How about this, DOCTORS.. How about actually doing a CT scan? Not just telling me that you are going to order one, then fart around emailing your buddies and never getting it done. HOW ABOUT THAT, before you make ridiculous unfounded diagnosis?  HOW ABOUT DOING THE JOB I AS THE CONSUMER IS PAYING YOU TO DO???  Instead of placing unfounded judgement on me..

Do any of you DOCTORS ever think about how when you get through making your irrational mistaken diagnosis and then send your patients to physical therapy without doing the proper medical testing first, that someone has to try to, in a politically correct way, clean up your messes?  Yep that would be me, you jerks!!! I get to hear all day long about how lousy doctors are, except from the few that you have charmed. Then I have to sit and listen to the irrational gushing over how great you are when I know that your diagnosis isn't even close to being correct.

Just today I told someone that they DON'T have fibromyalgia, that it is something doctors made up to avoid actually figuring out what the problem is. It has become a garbage can term for EVERYONE that has pain. This person has legitimate rheumatoid arthritis and has had significant trauma that has left her with joint restrictions and muscle imbalances. LEGITIMATE problems, not some psychosomatic mumble jumble disease invented by doctors that want to take and easy way out and not really listen to the patient's history. And has she had any MRIs or x-rays in recent years to get that diagnosis. NO.

So not only am I trying to fight for myself right now, but I am fighting for at minimum 30 other people at the same time. My patience isn't running out with the stupidity. IT'S done!

What a waste! Doctors ARE what is wrong with healthcare in America today. They haven't a f'ing clue! Like our mothers used to say "we have 2 ears and one mouth"!!

Every 2 years I have to complete a medical errors course to meet my PT license requirements, among other things. I don't remember exactly when the change occurred, but medical errors were the 6th leading cause of death in the US, but NOW they are the third. So perhaps you think I am just ranting to rant, the stats do the speaking. In order for MEDICAL ERRORS to become the 3rd leading cause of death in the country, something must have happened to the quality of care! 6th isn't good, but 3rd is a whole lot worse.

So tonight, since I am once again diagnosed as being crazy, I can say out loud..I was talking to God. I vented my anger and frustration, I begged him to end it. I'm fine with him ending it ALL. I just want to be done (interpret that however you like, but I don't want CPR or resuscitation of any sorts..I'm done)  and the message I heard back was ..."they are the idiots not you, keep fighting.."... somehow that made me feel better, although it is 1 am and I have to be up by 5 am and I am not asleep or in bed yet..ugh.

Thank you for reading and I hope that if you too are fighting the battle of the ignorant, that you are able to find answers soon..the correct answers, not made up nonsense and BS, but something based on actual medical tests.

It's sad when you actually hope for a brain tumor, just so that you can look at a doctor and say "see I told you so"....Of course I really hope not for one, so that I can go back to holistic medicine and avoid dealing with these horrible people..called by some.. "DOCTORS".

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Enough is Enough...

1.5 years it has taken me to get the courage to see an ENT again.
Thirteen days since I saw an ENT.
Thirteen days since I was told that my left ear and head pain is not an infection, but possibly a tumor
                  (but more likely me just being a crazy fruitcake or was so implied)
Thirteen days, four phone calls to the ENT office with only one return phone call where the person calling didn't leave her name and only left a message telling me to call them back. 
Two phone calls to them since then.
Zero return calls from them since.
Zero referrals for a CT scan..
A million tears shed today before work and after work from frustration with the horrible quality of mainstream doctors in America!!

Do I think it's a tumor? Probably not, but WHO KNOWS. I NEED A CT SCAN or MRI to figure that out and I have had cancer before that was bad enough that my abdominal lymph nodes were double their correct size.

My current ear and head pain, pressure, nastiness started about 1.5 years ago. In this time I have seen a family doctor once for a thyroid med refill and antibiotics for this problem. And I have had jaw surgery on the left side, but that was with a holistic dentist, so self-pay. So in 1.5 years, I have paid at least $3600.00 in insurance premiums for about $100.00 of treatment, what a waste! I don't think it is too much to ask an ENT to do what they say they will do and order a CT scan when I am the one paying the premiums and paying my deductible. I will be billed a co-pay to see him and my insurance is going to pay him...should I not get something for my money? IN A TIMELY MANNER?? It took 3 weeks to get the appointment and now two more weeks and no referral for a CT. COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE!!!!

So today I went to see a GP. Once again a nightmare!

I feel like I am back to square one! Six years ago or something like that (I've lost count) when this freakin nightmare started. The doctors are once again writing me off as a crazy person with "facial pain" of unknown origin. Then they wonder why I am emotional. I am so sick of wasting my hard earned money on idiots!!! The one today actually said that the holistic supplement therapy that I have taken for the parasitic based infection that I had was probably a placebo effect! REALLY..!! I was on high doses of antibiotics for well over a year and all they did for me was kill all the good bacteria in my gut, give me reflux and prevent me from dying. They didn't fix anything!  I didn't start getting better until I started the supplements for parasites.  I told him that the only reason I switched to holistic was because mainstream doctors don't listen.

I am back to the point of preferring premature death over seeing another mainstream doctor ever again in my life!!   With that said, supposedly he is going to encourage the ENT to order the CT.. So I am going to have to continue to play the game.  I'm so ready to say "GAME OVER"!!